About Ribblesdale Park

Gisburne Park Estate was created by Lord Ribblesdale. It then became a state of the art dairy farm that my grandfather built 50 years ago. Sadly with the farming economy as it was, the farm became redundant and remained in a sorry state which inspired my father to apply for planning permission. The ownership fell to me in March 2003 when my father died and it was in the same month that the planning permission was granted. Soon after I pursued the dream of creating Ribblesdale Park.

Such a legend was Lord Ribblesdale that King Edward nicknamed him ‘the ancestor’ and his portrait was painted by the famous John Singer Sargent – the work now hangs proudly in the grand entrance of the Tate Gallery, London

As the Ribblesdale title died out the Estate was acquired by the Hindley family and has remained in the family ever since.

The Estate has a rich and noble past. Oliver Cromwell is said to have stayed at the old house on his way from battle in 1648 and, more recently, Prince Charles has enjoyed the Ribblesdale hospitality.

It is a family run business which is now over 10 years old. Our intention is to create a truly memorable experience at the right price with exceptional service.

The village of Gisburn, little more than 5 minutes walk from the park, received its Charter for Gisburn Fair in 1260. This is one of the earliest mentions of the village. It was granted by Henry III to the Abbot and Monks of Sawley Abbey. At the centre of the village is the ancient church which is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin. One could assume that the foundations for the present church could have been laid circa 1135.

I hope you have a pleasant stay with us and look forward to seeing you about…