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Introduction to Buying a Lodge at Ribblesdale Park:

Ribblesdale Park is a luxury holiday village nestled within the historic 1000 acre Gisburne Park Estate. We sell lodges with prices starting from £98,500 and ranging to upwards of £240,000 depending on what type of lodge and where it is positioned on the park. These prices include second hand lodges or custom built lodges. When you purchase a lodge with us it comes with a 125 year license to site the lodge here. If you are interested in having a custom built lodge then we can build more of less what you want. We use a few different manufacturers but they are all made in the UK. The average size of lodge is 40 x 20 ft but on a number of occasions we have increased that to accommodate extra bedrooms, or an office for example.

Viewing Times:

There isn’t a show lodge at Ribblesdale Park at present so if you are interested in visiting for a tour of the lodges please do so between 10:30am – 2:30pm on a monday or friday. During these times we can assure you that there will be 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom lodges available for you to view. If your unable to make it during these hours please book a specific appointment with one of the members of the office team for a private viewing at a time of your convenience.



Lodge Number Name Price Availability
Lodge 6 Darcy £135,000 SOLD
Lodge 8 Dashwood £98,500 SOLD
Lodge 12 Amberwood £135,000
Lodge 20 Darcy £153,000 SOLD
Lodge 22 Darcy £135,000
Lodge 23 Dashwood £140,000 SOLD
Lodge 25 Dashwood £140,000
Lodge 26 Darcy £135,000
Lodge 44 Darcy £153,000
Lodge 39 Bronte £135,000
Lodge 9 Chatterley £135,000
Lodge 72 Morland £160,000
Lodge 55 Wentworth £135,000
Lodge 48 Knightley £95,000
Buy to Let – subject to availability
Site Fees £2,500 + VAT (Special Offer)

For further information please speak to Reception

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Please contact the office for further information.

Tel: 01200 445227

Email: enquiries@ribblesdalepark.com