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Introduction to Buying a Lodge at Ribblesdale Park:

Ribblesdale Park is a luxury holiday village nestled within the historic 1000 acre Gisburne Park Estate. We sell lodges with prices starting from £98,500 and ranging to upwards of £240,000 depending on what type of lodge and where it is positioned on the park. These prices include second hand lodges or custom built lodges. When you purchase a lodge with us it comes with a 125 year license to site the lodge here. If you are interested in having a custom built lodge then we can build more of less what you want. We use a few different manufacturers but they are all made in the UK. The average size of lodge is 40 x 20 ft but on a number of occasions we have increased that to accommodate extra bedrooms, or an office for example.

Viewing Times:

There isn’t a show lodge at Ribblesdale Park at present so if you are interested in visiting for a tour of the lodges please do so between 10:30am – 2:30pm on a monday or friday. During these times we can assure you that there will be 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom lodges available for you to view. If your unable to make it during these hours please book a specific appointment with one of the members of the office team for a private viewing at a time of your convenience.


Lodge Number Name Price Availability
Lodge 6 Darcy £135,000 SOLD
Lodge 8 Dashwood £98,500 SOLD
Lodge 12 Amberwood £135,000
Lodge 20 Darcy £153,000 SOLD
Lodge 22 Darcy £135,000
Lodge 23 Dashwood £140,000 SOLD
Lodge 25 Dashwood £140,000
Lodge 26 Darcy £135,000
Lodge 44 Darcy £153,000
Lodge 39 Bronte £135,000
Lodge 9 Chatterley £135,000
Lodge 72 Morland £160,000
Lodge 55 Wentworth £135,000
Lodge 48 Knightley £95,000
Buy to Let – subject to availability
Site Fees £2,500 + VAT (Special Offer)

For further information please speak to Reception

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your security of tenure?
125 year licence of the land

Can I live here permanently?
No, this park possesses a holiday park licence but it is open 12 months of the year.

How large is the Park?
The Park is approx 16 acres set within a historic Grade II 1000 acre estate called Gisburne Park Estate.

What are the unique features of the Park?
It was established in 2004 and is a combination of state of the art lodges that we let out and lodges that are owned by various individuals with a gourmet café called Hindelinis in the centre. There is also a heated outdoor swimming pool.

Can I have a bespoke designed lodge and how long will it take to arrive?
You can custom build your own lodge and it will take between 3 to 6 months to deliver.

How many lodges are on site and available for sale?
Any second hand lodge is available for sale. You will need to talk to a sales person for more details.

How much does a lodge on Ribblesdale Park cost?
The range is from £95,000 to over £200,000. This is either 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. The price is determined by the position on the park and size and design of the lodge.

How do we reserve an empty pitch?
You can secure exclusivity on the plot by placing a deposit of £2000. This is non refundable. This assures you exclusivity on the plot for 28 days even if a higher offer is received.

When are payments made on the purchase?
£2000 on reservation of pitch
10% on exchange of contract
40% on order of lodge
40% on delivery of lodge
Final balance on handover

Is the reservation fee refundable?
The reservation fee is non refundable.

Can we get a mortgage on these properties?
Yes and Ribblesdale Park can provide you with a list of mortgage consultants who can advise you on potential options for your purchase.

What other costs are there?
There is an annual site fee, gas, electric, insurance and water rates.


Please contact the office for further information.

Tel: 01200 445227

Email: enquiries@ribblesdalepark.com