Boundary Mill Stores, Colne
01282 865229
One of Pendle’s most popular visitor attractions selling a range of top brands at discounted prices. Have lunch at one of their restuarants. I recommend the fish and chippy called Bannys.

Bashall Barn Farm Shop, Bashall Town
01200 428964
Selection of local produce , coffee shop and resident artist.

Byrnes Wine Shop, Clitheroe
01200 423152
Family owned business, excellent selection of wines worth a visit, meader through the enormous cellar, very well stocked.

Roy Porters Butchers, Chatburn
01200 450948
Excellent organic butcher, will need to queue very popular, try their homemade pies – delicious.

Cowmans Sausage Shop, Clitheroe
01200 423842
High quality butcher, homemade sausages many traditional flavours and some quite whacky new ones.

Cheesie Tchaikovsky, Clitheroe
01200 428366
Wonderful selection of cheeses, sandwiches, soups, pates and general yummy stuff.

Clitheroe Market Town
Booths, Tesco, Sainsburys and high street shops

Settle Market Town
Booths and a variety of touristy shops.

Skipton Market Town
Tesco, Morrisons and good selection of high street shops

Beautiful town with an excellent selection of high quality shops with the famous & original Betty’s Tea Room.

Kirby Lonsdale & Kendal
Both towns have a varied selection of good quality shops, cafes & restaurants

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