The Wildlife on Gisburne Park Estate

Gisburne Park Estate was once thousands of acres spanning from Gisburn all the way to Malham. Today we are managing 1000 acres around Gisburn and inparticular the River Ribble. Hundreds of years ago the Ribblesdale Family introduced various species for farming and sporting reasons and in some cases we are fortunate to still be able to enjoy them today. My father introduced a huge number of woods as his focus became primarily on building the shoot into one of Lancashire’s top shoots. As the current custodian I am fully committed to creating a private wildlife sanctuary for our holiday makers to enjoy. Over the last few years we have closed the shoot down and returned the woods to the wildlife and the result has been extraordinary. We are thrilled to be able to report that a host of rare breeds are working their way back into the area and numbers of others species have increased dramatically.

Feeding the Peacocks: As you may or may not have seen we have a number of peacocks and peahens milling around the park. These peacocks were introduced to the estate by my father in the mid nineties. In fact they were given to him as a 50th birthday gift from his friend Dr Don. Peacock. Over the years they have lived at the stables when they were a racing yard and then at Millbridge but now with all the love they get from the holiday makers they have emigrated to Ribblesdale Park and set up shop. If you want to feed them you can buy a small bag of raisins from the cafe.

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